gullbuy music review

January 21, 2003

  • The Future

    title:: The Golden Hour of The Future: Recordings by The Future and The Human League
    label:: Black Melody

    A bunch of memorable songs are buried within this 20 track collection of early Human League material, including really early stuff when they included the founding member of Clock DVA and were called The Futre.

    This CD is a kick. I never loved The Human League, but I like this CD a lot.

  • Lawrence

    title:: Lawrence
    label:: Dial Records (Ladomat)

    A dreamy wash of synths and rhythms that harks back to the hey-day of Detroit techno, but in an austere way which brings us into the modern age of 2003.

    This disc reminds me of what we would like Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine to do if he was recording electronic music today.

  • Luciano

    title:: Live @ Weetamix /
    label:: Max Ernst

    The rhythms are insistent throughout this cd and there are hints to me of the Fax label and Atom Heart in the dub echo feel which permeates the entire set.

    Luciano also gives the rhythms that extra push by spicing them with African and Latin drum patterns.

  • Mum & Dad

    title:: Mum & Dad
    label:: Twisted Nerve

    The debut record by Manchester's Mum & Dad is as good as I hoped.

    With only two songs from previously released singles, there is lots of new stuff to enjoy.

    Mum & Dad are a trio that use prog acid rock and cheap synthesizers along with guitar bass and drum.