gullbuy music review

December 30, 2003

  • DJ Hell

    title:: Keep On Waiting
    label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

    The first single from Hell's new 'New York Muscle' full length has two versions of the song Keep On Waiting.

    The first version is the album version, featuring the vocals of Erlend Oye (of Kings of Convenience) . The second version is a remix by Tomas Andersson.

  • Storm in the Garage

    various artists
    label:: Akarma

    Italian reissue label Akarma give us the garage rock box set of the year to salivate over. Any garage rock buff should be excited about this collection, though if you've been buying compilations like Garage Punk Unknowns or Psychedelic Unknowns, you may already have a lot of these bands. There are a few unreleased and rare tracks to whet your curiosity like the unreleased track by The Damnation of Adam Blessing or the pounding cover of Arthur Lee and Love's 7 and 7 Is by The Soulbenders. For 3 cds at $45 on an Italian import does seem like a strange way to pick up rare and obscure 1960s garage rock out of the USA, but it is nice having all of this great stuff in one place - plus their are picture sleeves of the single artwork when available and information on each band which seems to have been culled from the Borderline Books' Fuzz Acid & Flowers a great place to read about these bands.

  • The Tiger Lillies with Kronos Quartet

    title:: The Gorey End
    label:: EMI Holland

    The Gorey End was a direct result of Edward Gorey's enjoyment of The Tiger Lillies' Shockheaded Peter which was itself very similar to Gorey's own Gashlycrumb Tinies. This was a book which portrays the sad end of many a young child (in a most macabre Gorey way). Thus, back in 1999, Gorey sent his latest work to The Tiger Lillies in hopes of doing a theatrical collaboration by putting Gorey's words to The Tiger Lillies music in a stage production.

    Sadly, in the midst of the beginnings of this collaboration, Edward Gorey passed away at the age of 75. This is even more sad because Terry Gilliam had shown an interest in directing the theatrical production, which was nipped in the bud because of Gorey's passing. However, after the fact, The Tiger Lillies decided to put Gorey's words to music, and with the help of the ever exciting Kronos Quartet, The Gorey End was born. It's sad that Gorey never saw the completion of this fascinating musical adventure, but gladly we can hear what has become of it.