gullbuy music review

December 2, 2003

  • Killed By Death #1

    various artists
    label:: no label

    The Killed By Death series is the mother of all DIY punk comp series.

    This is the first time I have even seen a Killed By Death comp on CD. The music is timeless, and the tracks are great, so what's to lose?

  • Gershon Kingsley

    title:: Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet
    label:: Dagored

    Gershon Kingsley is most famous for working with Frenchman Jean Jacques Perrey as they collaborated in the mid 1960s together on The Out Sound from Way In! That album was created almost entirely out of edited and manipulated prerecorded tape in the form of electronic pop music and was one of the first of its kind. It later inspired everyone from Stereolab to the Beastie Boys. Kingsley continued to experiment with electronic instruments and music, recording two Moog albums for Audio Fidelity in the late 1960s/early 1970s which have now been reissued by Dagored.

    The First Moog Quartet was a commissioned work in which Kingsley attempted to lead a live Moog quartet at Carnegie Hall in early 1970. No one had used Moogs live in such a way, and the results found here are often startling and innovative, sometimes silly, often failed, but always interesting. The First Moog Quartet is a fascinating experiment of early electronic music.

  • Monolake

    title:: Momentum
    label:: EFA

    'Momentum' is classic Monolake and classic German techno for the 21st century.And it's not unlike fine German beer:Very dark, very strong and very good.

    Henke is continuing to expand his craft and work with technology to take our ears and minds into new territories.

  • Ennio Morricone remixes

    various artists
    label:: Compost Records

    I've been an Ennio Morricone fan for awhile now, at first a fan of his incredible and influential spaghetti western soundtracks but also the more hard to find Italian thriller (aka giallos) soundtracks which are Morricone's best kept secret. When I first heard the Morricone RMX project, I was nervous to hear anyone mess around with his work, but soon found that his soundtracks fit modern music like a glove. It seemed fitting that another remix project would come along.

    The folks at Compost Records have taken on the challenge in a two volume series, and while I didn't feel Volume One of the Ennio Morricone remixes was quite as consistent as Morricone RMX, I did find a bunch of tracks to love. This collection, more than most I've come across, sounded like a collection of various 12 inch singles, all grouped around the same theme.

  • Las Perras del Infierno

    title:: Somos Las Perras
    label:: Rise Robots Rise

    Expect playful new wave with a dash of riot grrrl sound. There are no keyboards or electronics on the songs - just guitars, bass, drums, and vocals.

    There isn't a single negative thing I want to say about this 12inch. Each song goes someplace a little different than the others, and all the tracks are pretty darn fine.