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Nobukazu Takemura


Child and Magic


Warner Japan


Nobukazu Takemura'Did you dream last night?' a child asks in the middle of the song 'a reader of tale', in a way, this question sums up the feeling of this disc. 'Child and Magic' is Takemura's homage to childhood. It is his most bold and daring work. Throughout he playfully mixes genres and styles to almost create new themes for childhood.

References to other places come from all over the map, advertising jingles, drum and bass, washes of noise, and field recordings form part of the work. The disc is saturated with a sense of wonder, it joyfully moves from different musical places to new ones creating a feeling of spontaneity. A sense or impression of chance adds to the playful nature of this disc. The sounds are never awkward or cold.

I know of very few things to compare it to-for once his vision is unique. In a different, non-electronic, context the work of The Penguin Café Orchestra comes to mind. I am reminded of them in this work because if his sheer inventiveness and happiness. His experiments never come across as chilling or brooding. There are so many good tracks on this disc that it is hard to single out any. Each piece is unique and should be treated as such. Do not expect the beginning of a tune to have any predicable relationship to its ending. Takemura meshes, scratches, tapes and compresses sounds into and onto each other. Field recordings and natural instruments are electronically put together to create a uniform vision filled with chance and wonder.

I would include acts like the Icelandic group MUM as part of this disc's progeny-they share similar contexts. MUM's sound is of a child lost in the Northern European countryside whereas Takemura's children are fascinated by the sounds and toys in his global kindergarten. 'There are lots of trout in this lake.' An adult is heard, and indeed there are.

---George F. Kilgoar III, August 27, 2002