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The June Brides


For Better or Worse


Overground Records


The June BridesThis compilation of the June Brides first batch of singles along with some live tracks finally brings this stellar band to light.

This is prime mid-Eighties British indiepop. This band had enough energy and innovation to create some really well crafted pop songs in their day. Their inspiration came from Josef K and Orange Juice.

The first two singles, 'In the Rain' and 'Every Converstaion' are testimony to their joy of songwriting and just gleeful happiness. Both songs start with a poppy horn section and jangly guitar, then the mid-range vocals kick in giving them just the right touch.

The song 'No Place Called Home' reminds me of the Go-Betweens a lot. The bands have a similar instrumentation (with the exception of the June Brides horn section) with violin, guitar, drums and bass.

The June Brides were hopeful amateurs in the best sense of the term. They over compensate for the low production values on these songs with a winning attitude of joy and spontaneity.

I leave you with a few quotes from their website:

Bobbie Gillespie: 'I care about music and what really fucking annoys me is seeing so many people viewing music solely as a business venture. It cripples talent and I'll give you an example that proves it. If the June Brides' single 'Every Conversation' was produced properly and put out on a major and plugged, it would be number one, because that record is a classic pop song! It's a sin when a record like that sells 700 copies. What sort of fucking state of affairs is it when talent like that is totally ignored? That's not whining. That's the music business in 1985'

Robert Forester 'I first saw The June Brides playing in a squat in the Old Kent Road opening at one of The Jesus and Mary Chain's first London shows. The June Brides walked onstage and the singer said 'Hi, we're the Kinks' and went straight into the first song. For someone to say that in 1984 I thought was fantastic. They did make great pop records'

Morrissey: 'Best group - The June Brides' (1985 NME Poll)

---George F. Kilgoar III, July 30, 2002