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Monika Enterprise


FigurineThis past week at WZBC, I coincidentally had the pleasure of listening to two groups that sound very similar to each other: Figurine and I Am the World Trade Center (the latter has a new album called 'The Tight Connection' on Kindercore). Both groups seem to understand the electro pop dance sound perfectly. Their music is very much electronic-based, and they have really great, sweet female singers, who sometimes use their male counterparts for additional vocals.

The Figurine 12inch is the group's first release on Monika Records, the Berlin-based label run by Malaria!'s Gudrun Gut, which has also put out records by Komeit, Contriva, and Quarks. 'Impossible' is a song about being a far distance from a loved one and having to resort to instant messenger programs to communicate. The lyrics suggest IM programs are the new telephone, which seems a little silly, but it's rather cute nevertheless. The original version of this song is great, very upbeat and danceable. The first remix on this E.P., done by John Tejada, is slowed down. The lyrics stand out more so than the beats, and it feels more romantic and sweet compared to the original. These two tracks on the A-side are my favorites.

The B-side on this 12inch starts with a pretty remix by Iceland's Mum. The group uses xylophones and piano to create a very light, dreamy sound which makes 'Impossible' sound like a lullaby. David of Figurine does his own remix, using lots of bells and strings. The last two tracks on this E.P. are just vocal and techno beats. They aren't very interesting to hear, unless you are planning to mix them with something else.

Overall, the first two songs on the E.P. and the Mum remix are the strongest on this great release on Monika.

---Teresa Concepcion, July 30, 2002