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Creme Blush


New York


Industrial Strength


Creme BlushThis 6-track EP from a female-fronted (with second female back-up vocals) New York new-wavey combo reminds me of My Favorite (without the guy) at times ('specially Gameshow Chorus), or a lo-fi Book of Love.

I've heard comparisons to Le Tigre and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs bandied about and can see some merit there, too.

There are also some more goth- y/Celtic-y moments (see Snow Caps and Camp Crystal). My favorite tracks are Dear Peter, which manages a brief (uncredited) interpolation of Icicle Works' Whisper to a Scream (I know: not cool -- but FUN!) and Spy Gadget.

The two quicktime videos (for Spree and Dear Peter) are fun enough, but non-essential.

---Peter, February 26, 2002