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Instro-Hipsters a go-go! 2


Instro-Hipsters a go-go! 2


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Intro-Hipsters a go-goIt's a little known fact that Manfred Mann started out as an instrumental jazz combo and only turned to rock-n-roll when it was found to be absolutely neccessary.

While Manfred Mann are not included on Instro Hipsters A Go-Go 2, that jazz instrumental vibe they fostered (they might say it festered, even while doing rock-n-roll the Mann still did jazzy instrumentals to whet his creative side) is all over the place on this ultra-hip compilation.

While I have not heard Volume one of Instro Hipsters A Go-Go, it probably goes without saying that Volume 2 in the series is more of the same - jazz excursions done far out, freaked out and done up with hammond organ's flying, drums pounding and horns flaring.

So, from the b- sides of Manfred Mann singles (oh gosh they are not here! but should be! um maybe...), Phase 4 Stereo LPs, instrumental dance sequences from groovy films, and psych bands getting the jazz thing going on album tracks, Instro Hipsters A Go-Go 2 collects the British variety of this genre.

What I find most amazing is just how good this compilation is; it also usually goes without saying that compilation series get dryer as they wear on and the well runs dry but this cd is so happening I can only imagine that Volume one is roaring.

Favorites include The Ray King Soul Band doing a maddening addicting medley of Dupy/Mercy apparently live, Trendsetters LTD. bringing it home with a seething version of Charlie Rich's I'm Coming Home (made most famous by Mel Torme), The Ray McVay Sound doing an absurd version of the Kink's already instrumental tune called Revenge (big band has never sounded so... vengeful), the bongo stirring Ole Jensen & His Music Railroader with some wild wah wah guitar, the electric piano comes and goes as the electric guitar buzzes on The Roulettes Junk, the fuzzed out Underworld by The Reg Guest Syndicate, and the electrifying cut from the Jimi Hendrix Tribute called Git Some by The Purple Fox (love that reverb and spoken bits!).

So, no this is not Booker T and the MGs or Bill Doggett, but hey what do you expect from a bunch of Brits? And you know - while I knew this side did exist - I didn't know how sizable - groovy or rocking it really was. A great compilation - and I can only hope that Volume one is as good and that the other series from Past and Present We Can Fly (obscure psyhedelica) and That Driving Beat (British freakbeat) are this exciting.

---Patrick R, November 5, 2002