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T. Raumschmiere






T. Raumschmiere Marco Haas is the person who runs the label Shitkatapult, and is the artist known as T. Raumschiere.

This 12' has 2 untitled songs which have all the sharp edges his work has included in the past. On one level both sides sound like the pumping of a washing machine, or the engine of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The A-side has a beat that reminds me of the Gary Glitter song 'Rock 'n Roll'. When I made that observation to a friend who was visiting, he said 'yeah, if there was anything going on'. To him it was not a song, it was the equivalent of someone pressing the drum track of a bands master tape. He just couldn't understand it.

T. Raumschiere is radical stuff indeed. You have to leave your old school sensibilities at the door when putting on a track from him. The B-side is just as sharply agitated as the A, and chugs along gaily as well.

---Carl, September 25, 2001