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Magic Carpathians / Nimbus 2000


'Atman' (Magic Carpathians) / 'The Ogopogo' (Nimbus 2000)




Magic Carpathians When Polish group Atman disbanded, Anna Nacher and Marek Styczynski formed The Magic Carpathians Project.

This was the first song released under the new name. I guess they called the song 'Atman' to provide some continuity so that fans could tie in their new name to their past project.

Atman is a charged song that has vocals which sound like the no wave band Mars from NYC in 1979. The music is drum, struck object, blown object, and hidden in the back guitar. The structure varies from all out attack to misty minimal 'Apocalypse Now' upriver sounds - very intense and unpredictable, but not at all unpleasant to hear.

The Nimbus 2000 song 'The Ogopogo' is named after a Yeti / Bigfoot / Chupacabres type creature. It has a woman telling a child's tale of the Ogopogo, with her voice treated with echo and reverb. After her story, the music sounds almost like the German 70's prog band Nektar (who put out the excellent 'Remember The Future' LP with the song of the same name on it).

Both sides of this single are worthy, and this treat on the tiny Oggum label from Wales will never be seen again, so quickly did the 500 copies pressed disappear.

---Carl, September 25, 2001