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Bang Goes


Bang Goes




Bang Goes Bang Goes is a German electronic artist. This is the second release by Bang Goes on Bruchstuecke.

Their website gives us info on the earlier EP, telling us Bang Goes 'works with sounds since the late 80's, designs radio dramas and film music'. On this EP there are 4 songs with titles 'a12', 'a13', 'b13' and 'b14'. The music has odd sounds and lots going on in each song. The songs are far from film music.

'a13' has vocal samples from Raymond Scott that gave me something solid to latch onto, making it the most accessible song on the EP to me. All the songs have a steady beat, making them more tech-house than electronica.

'b13' has a sound like a cricket chirping. I think this is an intentional touch to enhance the warped island feel created by what sounds like treated kettle drums.

'b14' features what sounds like bells hung on the necks of a cow herd. It has a wild palette of sounds which helped to make this my fave track on the EP, even though I like any of the tracks taken alone.

---Carl, September 25, 2001