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At JazzMartin Iveson from Derby in the UK is Atjazz. 'Labfunk' is the second Atjazz full length.

The sound is in league with The Bobby Hughes Experience, Kid Loco, or bands on the Compost, Pork, Grand Central, or Yellow labels.

Martin Iveson created the music for the Tomb Raider games! I bought this CD because there was a song on one of the Costes compilations that I loved. There are three Costes comps so far (all great if you like downtempo). Hotel Costes is a club in Paris, the land that the fabulous pixel artist Flip Flop Flyin comes from.

The song I liked turned out to be by De-Phazz, but I am thankful for the mistake that brought me to this great disc. The sound is so rich, kind of a complex combination of house, downbeat, and jazz with loops and arrangements out of the norm.

There are touches of vocal and a few completely vocal songs, though it is mostly an instrumental disc. Harmony has female vocals.

My favorite song is the tile song Labfunk (#10). It has really kicking beats with an odd time signature and fender bass (kind of like one of the afro-beat songs I liked on 'Club Africa 2'). Though there has never been an Atjazz song on a Costes comp, there sure should be on the next one!

Fave: 10

---Carl, September 18, 2001