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Club AfricaFueled by an ever growing interest in Afro-Beat, I now present the first ever release from Strut Records, the label which has risen to the very top of its market with super high quality reissues of obscure music presented in grand style with great sleeves.

Hard to believe the label's first release was in 1999. Club Africa starts off with Oneness Of Juju River Luv Rite. This cut has the same feel that most downtempo artists strive for, with a smooth female vocal and breezy beat. It is supreme throughout it's entire eight minute length.

Buari Jaram Bani follows it with a large dose of energy, more J-Pop than downtempo. Jaram Bani incorporates a tribal song behind the shouted out main vocal. It is very perfect, just as the Oneness Of Juju track, and almost as long.

Unlike the Darker Than Soul comp, even though I like this comp not every track grabbed me. To me this is an album that needs to be lived with, and I am just dabbling in the waters of time, touching this music containing amazing depth of history and heart with hurried hands and hours few.

---Carl, September 11, 2001