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December 18, 2001

  • Cubismo Grafico

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    title:: Buonissimo Remixes
    label:: Escalator Records

    I love Cubismo Grafico. Cubismo Grafico is Gakuji Matsuda from Tokyo. 'Buonissimo Remixes' is has 6 remixes, one new song, and an unidentified bonus track.

    For me, a new Cubismo Grafico release is always a joy. Until he puts out some new material, this EP will do nicely, particularly the Fukutomi Yukihiro mix.

  • The Dils

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    title:: Dils Dils Dils
    label:: Dionysus Records

    The Dils were a late-'70s punk/new wave band from L.A. fronted by brothers Chip and Tony Kinman . They were one of the few explicitly political bands on the scene at the time.

    From the release of their first record in 1977 until their break-up in early '80, the Dils managed a recorded output of only seven tracks, released on three 7"s, all on different labels. This new CD gathers together the second and third single, along with demos and live material.

  • Yukari Fresh

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    title:: Erik
    label:: Escalator Records

    Trademark Yukari Fresh effervescence (it even has a sample of a soda being opened!).THIS is the sound I refer to in the gullbuy as 'J-pop'.

    So many elements are blended in to the cut, but it exists as a solid unit, not a bunch of thrown together half-realized ideas, as so many other artists do in the name of creativity.

  • Printed Circuit

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    title:: Reprints
    label:: Catmobile Records

    Remixes of the works of Claire (Printed Circuit) from Scotland. Remixers are Frederik Schikowski, Random Number, James Figurine, GNG, The Mathematics, Lesser, I Am Robot and Proud, Transistor Six, CK Dexter Haven, and Fingernail.

    Each of the artists doing the remixes shape the songs into their particular vision, making this CD a fun listen with a couple of tracks that will appeal to almost any taste.

  • Ramonetures

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    title:: Johny Walk Don't Run Paulene
    label:: Blood Red Records

    Masteminded by Mel Bergman (ex-Phantom Surfers), the Ramonetures self-titled debut was (as you might be able to guess by the group's name) instrumental covers of Ramones songs done in the style of the Ventures.

    Rather than continue to focus on the boys from Forest Hills, Queens, they've lined up seminal L.A. punk band X in their sights. And just to make sure the job gets done right, they've enlisted X's own Billy Zoom (guitar) and DJ Bonebrake (drums) to help out.

  • Tim Buktu

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    title:: Infant Coversongs Of Yr. Temporary Eternity
    label: Bpitch Control

    A very interesting and varied 12". Tim Buktu is a 22 year old Berliner whose music could be described as indietronics. His 12" is unlike other Bpitch Control records because of its short songs and lack of 4/4 beat.

    Those who love all the output of this distinctive record label from Berlin will enjoy Tim Buktu, but those who have had little use for the crisp electro Bpitch Control usually offers may find that this 12" appeals to them greatly.

  • Voodoo Drums

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    label:: Soul Jazz Records

    Where most tribal drumming albums tend to either be hissy field recordings or high fidelity nightmares (adding studio echo or other such nonsense), Soul Jazz Records get it right on Voodoo Drums by miking the drums up close and perfect.

    It sounds like the drums are pounding, percolating right in your eardrum. Each track (19 in all) is between 1:30 and 3:00 minutes, intricately conceived, with melodic yet off- kilter beats and a seemingly endless variety of rhythm, which all combine into a trance-like rhythm.