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November 6, 2001

  • Head Sounds From The Bam-Caruso Waxworks

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    various / RPM

    Bam-Caruso was an English label that existed from 1984 to 1990. It was originally formed primarily to re-issue mod, freakbeat, and psych gems of the mid-sixties that were unjustly ignored at the time of their original release.

    The label quickly branched out, however, and began releasing music by contemporary bands of the psychedelic persuasion. This compilation is evenly split between the sixties bands and the eighties bands.

  • The Best of the Boston Sound

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    various / Varese Sarabende

    True to the time period in some respects, the Rascals, the Association, the Left Banke, Jefferson Airplane and folk rock sounds (always big in Boston) are the influences heard throughout this compilation resulting in low-key, earnest melodies, haunting vocals and gorgeous strings.

  • De Phazz

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    Godsdog / MOLE Listening Pearls

    Extremely catchy, with a mambo beat set in a very contemporary flow with well chosen samples that take the record to stellar height. Godsdog achieves what any artist in the downtempo genre strives for when they want to bring the tempo up a bit.

    I highly recommend this disc to anyone who likes Kruder & Dorfmeister or stuff on the Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label, but does not want to be caught in the cage of a restrictive genre.

  • Röyskopp

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    Melody AM / Wall Of Sound

    Röyksopp is Svein Berge and Torbjon Brundfland. The debut full length from this Norwegian duo has become one of my faves in the weeks I've been playing it to write this review.

    What is the Röyksopp sound? Very electronic and melodic, almost like OMD with beats.

  • Terence Fixmer

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    Muscle Machine / International DeeJay Gigolo Records

    It's time to go back to your collection and dig up early Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, A Split Second, a:Grumh, Mussolini Headkick and other forward-looking EBM (electronic body music) bands.

    Terence Fixmer is leading the way towards a new wave of EBM, and his debut album for Gigolo is going to knock your glasses off.

  • Golden Boy with Miss Kittin

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    Or / Ladomat 2000

    I like this record a lot, and I LOVE the 2 songs which Miss Kittin sings on. Dominique Grandjean's song has male vocoder vocals and music that reminds me a lot of Andreas Dorau (bubbly, upbeat, thoroughly electronic).

    The Golden Boy sound is completely electronic with house like beats without dancefloor like repetition, instead focusing on melody.

  • Kero

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    CFC Windsor/Detroit / Shitkatapult

    If you're expecting the arid, analogue crunch found on the recent crop of singles on this label, you'll be surprised.

    Kero's music is much closer in spirit to the classic Detroit techno of the Belleville Three than to the 'knarz' sequencing of Herr Pitzelberger or T. Raumschmiere.

  • Playgroup

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    Source UK

    The 2 songs that give me the most joy are Make It Happen and Bring It On.

    The record is very slick dancepop with a modern feel: Liquid Liquid, ESG, and Jah Wobble merged with stuff I don't like as much, like later period The Police, or Grandmaster Flash.