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Stereo Total


Liebe Zu Dritt


Bungalow Records


Stereo Total CD coverLiebe Zu Dritt is a four song EP featuring a German language version of the song L'Amour a 3 from their newest LP 'Musique Automatique'.

After the the first version is a 'radio mix' by Tom Mueller that changes the sound by completely remixing the cut track by track from the master tape. Both versions are very good, with enough variation to justify including them both.

The third cut is a 6:19 extended version of the original french version of L'Amour a 3 called the Jammin' Unit Remix. It makes an already great cut into a super track that would sound right in a DJ set alongside cuts by J-pop artists Mansfield or Losfeld. Tracks 1 and 3 (as well as all of the 'Musique Automatique' LP) were produced by Cem Oral. Jammin' Unit is Cem's name when he plays in the Cologne band Air Liquide.

Although the first 3 tracks are very different from the version of L'Amour a 3 on 'Musique Automatique', the final cut is completely unique to this EP. It is a version of a Japanese TV theme to Tetsuwan Atomu, otherwise known in the West as Atom Boy or Astro Boy. This track is worth owning this EP for if you are a fan of Stereo Total, even if you have no interest in the other three tracks on the single (which would be a mistake!).

The Astro Boy cover was produced by Brezel, and features a guest credited only as Hito. It is a casiopop with vocals songthat reminds me of Andreas Dorau's Fred Von Jupiter for its singsong melody. All 4 tracks are ace!

---Carl, November 27, 2001