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Queen of Japan


Nightlife In Tokyo


Angelika Kohlermann


Queen of Japan reviewed in the gullbuyQueen Of Japan is one of the many identities of Austrian Hans Platzgumer, founder of the NYC band HP Zinker in the early 90's and Hamburg band The Golden Lemons in the late 90's.

'Nightlife In Tokyo' is a cover album with female vocal electropop versions of 70's and 80's songs.

The one song I do not know the original artist of is "White Pony".

Other than that song, there are 2 (!) Thin Lizzy covers. The Queen Of Japan treatment of both "Showdown" and "S&M" honor the brilliance of the originals in modern style. They are my favorites on the disc.

Also covered are Soft Cell "Seedy Films" (my fave next to the Thin Lizzy covers), Kiss "I Was Made For Loving You", The Who "Acid Queen", Queen "Get Down Make Love", Zappa "Bobby Brown", Olivia Newton-John "Physical", and Klaus Nomi "Total Eclipse".

Hans Platzgumer is quite an artist with an amazing body of work. This record is just one appendage of a many fingered hand of his current work. On his website, besides showcasing the many projects he is involved in, he has an extensive section devoted to his recipes for many types of food!

To close, a quote which appears on the sleeve to this disc
"So-called aesthetic satisfaction is in my eyes, nothing but the feeling we have when a meaningless object all at once takes on meaning" - Claude Levi-Strauss

---Carl, October 23, 2001