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Image: Brain DonorAfter 2 singles (the A-sides of each are on here) Julian Cope has released the full length by his new band with 'Kevlar' and 'Dogman' of Spiritualized.

The music is proto-rock in the vein of Grand Funk Railroad or Cream. It is heavy, with the sound of Gibson bass, guitar solos, and lots of jamming.

There are 8 songs, including one 13:13 piece with 4 parts called Odin's Gift To His Mother. I had really waited for this album with high expectations, which have not been met by the result.

I am not 'Julian bashing' (as many long term fans have about this project), I am just reporting that the LP is not near as good as I hoped. The 2 singles She Saw Me Coming and Get Off Your Pretty Face are probably the strongest songs, though they are useless to me because I have heard them so many times before.

There are only 2 new songs that I love. Hairy Music and Lughnasad have the tune and power that I love Brain Donor for. The long medley Odin's Gift To His Mother is very interesting in parts, but ends up meandering a bit as a whole.

Initially Brain Donor sounded like a 1977 punk band, but now the results remind me more of the current redneck rock / stoner metal sounds dominating the local scene here in Boston.

Faves: 4,5,7

---Carl, October 23, 2001