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Lisa Carbon


Trio De Janeiro




Image: Lisa CarbonRerelease of a record that came out in 1995 on Uwe Schmidt's 'Rather Interesting' label.

Out of all the alias's Uwe Schmidt uses (Atom Heart, Senor Coconut, Los Samplers, Midisport, Atom & Tea Time, Erik Satin, etc.), Lisa Carbon (or Lisa Carbon Trio) is the one he has most adamantly insisted is an actual person.

I know in my heart that Lisa Carbon is him, based on the only surefire way I have been able to identify his releases: the font on the sleeve. As crazy a way as this sounds, it has proven to be an accurate identifier of Uwe Schmidt product.

What about the music? 'Trio De Janeiro' is a mostly laid back instrumental swing through latin flavored water, coming close at times to the jazzy Flanger project he does with Burnt Friedman.

My favorite tracks are Hey! Music! (A1) and Hot Lips (A5) which both have kick. Many of the songs have a dated synth sound. Even despite that criticism I still value this record and would recommend it to fans of Uwe Schmidt's other projects.

---Carl, October 16, 2001