gullbuy music review

June 8, 1999

El Hombre Trajeado

CD / Skipafone / Guided Missile

Glasgow band which plays mostly instrumental songs with hints of male vocals. They don't sound like Mogwai or Ganger. In fact they have a groove which could evoke a stone-free Hendrix (minus the solos), particularly with the soft spoken vocals in tracks such as 'Sleep Deep', which is also a 7" on Guided Missile. Their instrumentals have bass and drum parts tight and winding like a precision clock or motorcar, with roadside attractions of guitar embellishments. Their name means "The Suited Man". At times they have the vibe of the early Kitty-Yo releases.

---Carl, June 8, 1999


CD / Time On their Hands / Common Culture Records

Liverpool band who have a definite Arab Strap sound on some of the songs, a sound like Salako (a band from Hull who have stuff on Jeepster Records), and a Factory/Zoo Records sound on others. One song ('Went To Town') sounds so close to Arab Strap that you would think it was a joke - a conscious imitation by them. I don't think that is the case though. Paul Rooney's lyrics are all just observances of whatever he sees when he opens his eyes and looks at what is around. That part of the band is very much like Arab Strap as well. All the songs on this record are very interesting, though there are 6 of the 18 songs that are my definite faves. My most favorite would be 'Swarm', which sounds like old Factory bands (like In Camera) and is really catchy.

---Carl, June 8, 1999


CD / various / Creeping Bent

20 song compilation with 14 songs from the Creeping Bent singles club split singles, 1 song from an obscure Postcard album (by Jock Scot), and 5 unreleased songs. The unreleased songs are by Nectarine #9, Mongoose, Vic Goddard and Adventures In Stereo (doing a collaborative version of the Subway Sect song Nobody's Scared), Adventures In Stereo, and Quad 90.

---Carl, June 8, 1999


CD / Live It Up / Shelflife Records

Band from southern California compared to Holiday, Club 8, The Beatles, The Free Design, The Byrds, The Seashells and Eggstone. I really love this record. Bands like Majestic, Sushi, My Favorite, Beachwood Sparks, and Toulouse show that the United States does have something to offer fans of International Pop. This record is my favorite of this week's adds. the first song ('Bub') is so bouyant you just can't help but sparkle with it and it's magnificent "ba-ba-ba's". 'Little Bird' is fantastic bubblesweet pop.

---Carl, June 8, 1999

Anita Lane

7" / "The World's A Girl" b-w "I Love You… Nor do I" & "Bedazzled" / Mute Records

The A-side is on Anita Lane's "Dirty Pearl" LP. All the songs are produced by and feature Mick Harvey. The 2 B-sides feature duets with Nick Cave. "I Love you…" is an English version of the Serge Gainsbourg/Bridgette Bardot duet "Je t'aime…Mon non plus" from 1967. "Bedazzled" is a song which was featured in an early Dudley Moore film. we have the (great) original of the song on the vinyl LP compilation Beat Actione, which came out 2 years ago. This single (on clear wax) came out in 1995. Newbury Comics just got some copies in, so we can enjoy this in our playlist and collection.

---Carl, June 8, 1999