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Go Home Productions LP coverGo Home Productions is London artist Mark Vidler. Pistol Whipped is a mash-up LP of Sex Pistols songs combined with other tracks.

Ray Of Gob (Radio Edit 2004) starts off with Ronnie Biggs welcoming Ahoy there from The Great Rock and Roll Swindle. Then Ed McMahon says Here's Johnny and the track starts. Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant combined with the vocals from Madonna Ray of Light. The track ends with excerpts from a TV interview. I can't figure who the person is.

Problems At The Gay Bar combines Sex Pistols Problems with The Electric Six Gay Bar. Even though I don't like Electric Six much, the combination works well. Go Home Productions leave in the original chorus to Problems, which adds to the track. The track closes out with someone saying

What is this? I've never heard any music like this in my life before, and if I ever have I [unintelligible]. Boy oh boy

Side 1 closes out with No Feelings 4 Cher, which is a combination of Sex Pistols No Feelings with Cher Believe. Cher sounds like a guy! The device she uses on her voice has become fairly popular, but I believe this is the first hit to have used it. Like the other tracks, this one works real well.

Side 2 starts with Ray Of Gob (Extended). A new intro is added

You don't write God Save the Queen because you hate the English ways, you write a song like that because you loved em, and you're fed up with them being mistreated.

and this time Madonna's Ray of Light is combined with God Save The Queen instead of Pretty Vacant. I like this version better than the other one, except that you have to edit out Johnny Rotten saying 'Alright, just stop the f**king spitting. I don't like being spat at' in the beginning after the opening quote.

The record closes out with Submusic, which combines Sex Pistols Submission with Madonna Music. Like the other tracks, it works very well. In fact, it might be my favorite track on the EP.

This EP has a nice sleeve, and blue and white steaked vinyl. Considering the high quality of this release and all the bad Pistols reissues cluttering store's shelves, I'd say that any Sex Pistols collector would be crazy to pass up buying this EP.

---Carl, June 7, 2005