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The Runaways


Waitin' For the Night


Cherry Red Records


The Runaways CD coverWaitin' For the Night was released in 1977 as the third Runaways album, and their last with Kim Fowley as producer.

Waitin' For the Night was also their first record without lead vocalist Cherie Curie, who left after their tour of Japan. This record gave us more Joan Jett and Lita Ford gems, as they became "harder, tougher, tighter" to quote the liner notes. Lita's lead solos are top notch, though she doesn't sing anything on this record.

This record also saw bassist Jackie Fox replaced by Vicki Blue. In fact, Jackie only plays on one song on this record ( Waitin' For the Night). The rest of the songs feature an uncredited Sal Maida on bass. Sal played in Roxy Music, Venus & The Razorblades, and Milk and Cookies.

I think this is a strong record even now in 2004, and is a must for any fans of the band. All of it is good.

  1. Little Sister
    Joan Jet co-wrote this with Inger Asten. I don't know who she is. The line about Watergate dates this song, but that is a small problem is a track so punked out, energetic and confident.
  2. Wasted
    Joan Jet co-wrote this with Kim Fowley. The lyrics observe her friends who are wasted on drugs.
  3. Gotta Get Out Tonight
    Written by Joan Jett. The song starts with a riff that sounds as meaty as any Marc Bolan T Rex track, but the chorus is pure pop, complete with New York Dolls styled clapping. The lyrics make me think of my cat Kret, who wants to go outside late every night.
  4. Wait For Me
    Written by Joan Jett. She asks her boyfriend to remain faithful to her till she is released from juvie lockup. Near the end of the song Joan completely lets go with the raspy voice that she does so well, which reminds me of the tome of Johnny Thunders guitar - both have a bee sting sound. Sandy West does backing vocals.
  5. Fantasies
    Written by Lita Ford. Sandy West plays a Tree Bell and Gong in the Kiss like ending of the track.
  6. School Days
    Joan Jet co-wrote this with Kim Fowley. This was the single from the record. It's catchy, but wasn't catchy enough to chart.
  7. Trash Can Murders
    Written by Lita Ford. I really love this track. Legend is that Trash Can Murders almost didn't make it onto the record. It replaced a Stevie Nicks song they turned down, which was later covered by Courtney Love.
  8. Don't Go Away
    Written by Joan Jett. Sandy West does backing vocals. A happy song asking a lover to stick around. Sounds like it was written to a girl.
  9. Waitin' For The Night
    Joan Jet co-wrote this with Kim Fowley and Kari Krome. It is a power ballad that works quite well. It makes a great title song for the record.
  10. You're Too Possessive
    Written by Joan Jett. Sandy West does backing vocals. The opposite of Don't Go Away, this song is written to a boy that clings too tightly.

---Carl, February 10, 2004