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Where Is Here


Where Is Here


Mental Groove

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Where Is Here CD coverMental Groove has been creating music perfect for the jetsetting record shopper: 12 inch singles you are actually happy to search out and find. The Where Is Here compilation collects together a bunch of these exclusive Mental Groove product in case you find it hard to be the jetsetting record collector these days. Based out of Geneva Switzerland, Mental Groove is in the perfect location to ponder the state of music today. And Where Is Here, released in 2002 is the music mirror, featuring tunes by Luciano, Ianeq, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Dj Sid, Crowdpleaser & St Plomb featuring Selfish In Bed, Rosario, Water Lilly & St Plomb, Dr Awkward, Cassy & Dave The Hustler, and Evil C.

For me Where Is Here is a compilation with a handful of tracks I keep coming back to again and again (in the original form as heard here or in their remix versions) and tracks I like every so often. Luciano serves as a great intro on the first track Cadenza with his sophisticated dub. It's great to get the Miss Kittin & The Hacker track The Beach on cd, because it's too good to disappear into limited edition 12 inch singledom - and it still sounds fresh 2 years later. Crowdpleaser & St Plomb featuring Selfish In Bed have one of the best tracks that sneaks up on you with Rather Be - which also has been treated to the remix (also reviewed this week). St Plomb also appears with Water Lilly on Fit Track, which seemed to be more of a holding pattern song to me. Rosario sounds as dirty as can be on Stop The World. And Cassy & Dave The Hustler top off this compilation with the fantastic Her Dream which builds up and lets down perfectly (and also works well remixed on a 12 inch reviewed here).

---Patrick, November 23, 2004