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Las Perras del Infierno


Somos Las Perras


Rise Robots Rise


Las Perras del Infierno 12inch coverLas Perras del Infierno are Ander, Barbarella, Inés and Onneca, from Barcelona. Expect playful new wave with a dash of riot grrrl sound. There are no keyboards or electronics on the songs - just guitars, bass, drums, and vocals.

I was attracted to this 12inch by the stylish sleeve. The red vinyl (streaked with black) looked cool as well, but it was the music that made me buy it.

With vocals sung in Spanish and hooks in every verse, Las Perras del Infierno grab you with energetic songs featuring female vocals and lots of spiky reverb guitar. All four songs on the 12inch are originals, and there is a wild vibe like the best moments of Thee Headcoatees.

  1. Cabalgando Car sounds and a track announcement start off this track. Then a guitar halfway to Pipeline comes in. The music and vocals come in full time, then the "yea yea yea" backing vocals shift us into high times. The race car sounds return several times.
  2. Barbie There was a band called The Lines from England that had a great song called White Night. They were kind of like The Only Ones, but they had a more unpolished sound. On Barbie, Las Perras del Infierno have such a sound.
  3. Somos Las Perras With the vocalist barking like perras, Somos Las Perras is a gas. I like the way the song changes several times. There is a bass part that reminds me of Mission Of Burma (That's When I) Reach For My Revolver.
  4. Surfin' Las Vegas A surf instrumental played like the B-Girls might have back in 1979 NYC on the flip of their At The Beach 7inch. Really fun and loose.

There isn't a single negative thing I want to say about this 12inch. Each song goes someplace a little different than the others, and all the tracks are pretty darn fine.

---Carl, December 2, 2003