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TokTok v. Soffy O


Missy Queen RMXS


Bpitch Control


TokTok reviewed in the gullbuyFour remixes of the song Missy Queen's Gonna Die by TokTok & Soffy O.

The fact that the 12" is on Bpitch Records gives you high expectations right off the bat. No label has emerged faster or scored with more great sounding singles than Bpitch Records, the Berlin label run by Ellen Allien.

The 12inch starts off with a mix by WMF Records artist Mitte Karaoke. Their mix doesn't really kick in till the second half, when the vocals start. The vocals of Soffy O. sound like the 80's US band The Waitresses on the track (and that is a good thing).

The second cut on the A-side is the mix by EEDIO (Betran Alix). His mix is one of my faves. It uses a sound like the old guitar amp tremolo setting to make the cut positively pulse. It is the most 'far out' mix of the bunch, but keeps vocals throughout.

On the flip, Smash TV start off the show. Smash TV are Holger Zilske and Micheal Schmidt, and they are maybe the hottest property on Bpitch Records right now. Their mix entirely rules. It is worth buying the 12" for. Anyone who likes the Detroit duo Adult. will love the track. Smash TV's mix features vocals throughout.

The final cut is a mix by Martini Bros., who normally record for Poker Flat Recordings. Their mix is very rock, with guitars and the works. I haven't heard the original version, but I have a feeling that this mix uses the most elements of the original. If your tastes are closer to Le Tigre than Adult., this is the mix for you. It is very strong, no doubt.

An ace 12" all around.

---Carl, November 13, 2001