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My Bloody Valentine


This Is Your Bloody Valentine


Dossier Records


My Bloody Valentine reviewed in the gullbuyThe very first My Bloody Valentine recording from 1985 may come as a surprise to those who don't know their history.

Basically this was a different band than the one that would re-emerge as the shoegazing gods a few years later (by way of the Jesus & Mary Chain influence in their middle period).

This version of the band did not include vocalist/guitarist Bilinda Butcher, whose breathy vocals became part of the group's shoegazing sound.

This first version of the band spotlighted on lead vocals a certain Dave Conway, a truly interesting character who was less of a singer than a front-man, later becoming a science fiction/comic book writer.

The band, who got their name from a slasher horror film, originally started out in Dublin in 1984 with the Irish Colm O'Ciosoig (nowadays with Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions) and Kevin Shields, who spent his childhood in New York City before moving to England and then Ireland.

With lead singer David Conway, the band moved to Berlin and recorded this EP, showing an influence from the Cramps, Nick Cave and The Birthday Party and the Batcave scene. "We were pretty derivative for a long time," Kevin Shields admitted, "and it's just by giving in to your whims over a long time that you begin to start coming out with things that seem to be different."

I think this disc - while not considered crucial MBV - is in the very least of interest to both MBV fans and for anyone who digs rock'n'roll a la the Cramps or Nick Cave.

Patrick, November 13, 2001