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Detunized Gravity


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De-Phazz is an open project centering around Pit Baumgartner. 'Detunized Gravity' is their first LP, which was followed later by 'Godsdog'.

De-Phazz play downtempo music like fellow Germans Kruder & Dorfmeister or Fauna Flash.

De-Phazz is the band that I mistook AtJazz for a few weeks ago in the gullbuy. I had bought the AtJazz CD thinking it was this band, and was pleased to find that I liked both bands. Now with the correct CD in hand, I can say that 2 of the instrumentals ("Lovechild" & "Free Drift") and three of the vocal songs (""Cut The Jazz", "Good Boy", & "Lullaby") are super fine.

It is hard to talk about records like this without bringing in words of the moment. I try not to use these words, as they can become "keep out" signals when the moment has passed and they are no longer fashionable. Fact is, De-Phazz have derived from triphop and drum 'n bass. Their sound is smooth and sexy, with the efficiency of machine and the warmth of human.

The song I like best on the disc is "Lovechild" (#4). It is an instrumental (well, there IS a vocal sample saying "I am Elvis's love child") that could teach Thievery Corporation a thing or two.

The vocal songs use several different vocalists. "Cut the Jazz" has a female vocal singing parts of the old time song "Kiss me once, kiss me twice" with an orchestra behind her in a Mr. Scruff "Get A Move On" way.

This disc was as good as I hoped. Check it out if this genre appeals to you.

Faves: 4,5,8,9,13

---Carl, October 23, 2001